Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation

Founded in 1989, the Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation, Inc. (PNGF) is a charitable foundation whose mission is to support the Pennsylvania Army and Air National Guard, and their Soldiers, Airman and Families.

CFC Donations

For the first time ever, the Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation is an approved charity in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), where federal employees and retirees can use code #85752 to donate to the Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation through payroll deduction.

Our Projects

Saluting Washington

Commissioned excusivly for the Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation, artist Larry Selmen has created a masterpiece that honors the strong liniage of the Pennsylvania Guard. Proceeds go directly to the PNGF mission of support Pennsylvanian Guardsmen.

Guard 2 Guard

The Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation has entered into an agreement with the Pennsylvania National Guard Associations (PNGAS) and the State Family Program Office to provide grants for Pennsylvania National Guard members. The new program is called the “Guardsman to Guardsman” or “G2G” program.

Keystone Conference Center

The Keystone Conference Center (KCC), which is owned and operated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, is located at Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania.

131st Transportation Company Memorial

The Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation is collecting donations to support construction of a Fallen Heroes Memorial in honor and memory of three 131 TC Soldiers who died in Afghanistan.  The Memorial is proposed for construction at Fort Indiantown Gap

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